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Liberation Day
Certificate: n/a
Friday 15th February 2019, 7.30pm
Admission: £4 / £3 unwaged
Liberation Day
Liberation Day (Ugis Olte & Morten Traavik, Latvia/North Korea, 2016)

Ex-Yugoslavian cult band Laibach become the first foreign rock group ever to perform in the fortress state of North Korea. Confronting strict ideology and cultural differences, the band struggles to get their songs through the needle's eye of censorship before they can be unleashed on an audience never before exposed to alternative rock'n'roll.

Meanwhile, propaganda loudspeakers are being set up at the border between the two Koreas and a countdown to war is announced. The hills are alive...with the sound of music.

"Most documentaries or studies of North Korea conclude that it is forever sealed in its own tyranny. For all the absurdity, for all the questionable semi-satire, Laibach actually made contact with North Korea and caused a crack in the wall."
The Guardian

"There's a subtly meaningful power to what the film actually does: witnessing the awkwardness that ensues when the creatively free try to communicate with people who lack the context to understand unfettered expression."
Los Angeles Times

"Whatever labyrinthine justifications stand behind it, Liberation Day is the kind of film that might never be made again, so I can safely say that you'll never see anything quite like it."

A bar will be open serving wines, beers, soft drinks and cake.

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